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Siltbuster Stress Ball

Siltbuster Group Ltd

The Siltbuster Group are the UK's number one solutions provider for on site water treatment, wet waste processing and the prevention of waterborne pollution.  This page details the process of producing a bespoke stress ball in the shape of one of their water treatment units.


Our in house design studio created a 3D visual using the images and dimensions provided. The 3D visual is provided in an adobe acrobat file, so the item can be rotated through 360 degrees in all directions so the client could see how the item looked from all shapes to ensure 100% accuracy.


Once the client signed off the 3D visual, we then proceed to make a rapid protoyped male mould, which then has a female two part mould cast off. The two part castings are then used in the final manufacturing.


The Siltbuster stress ball was made to order to replicate one of the Siltbuster Settlement Units. It was moulded with the various design features and then printed on both sides with the logo and contact details.


Client feedback

Great service from start to finish.  The product was delivered on time, in the correct colour, prints are great and we have ordered these a number of occasions since.  Great Job!

Richard Pollentine
Marketing Manager, Siltbuster Ltd