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Our Impact

We believe sustainable growth is the best way to build a successful business which is has a neutral impact on the world. Read on to find out how we ensure we are a climate positive business.


Humans impact the physical environment in many ways: overpopulation, pollution, burning fossil fuels, and deforestation. We must all take accountability for our actions, as businesses, organisations, and individuals too. Everything we, as humans do, has an impact and awareness about climate change, soil erosion, and poor air quality, has increased exponentially over the last decade.

There is no time to wait, and we need to act now, and do whatever we can to protect our beautiful planet for ourselves and generations to come.


Every business has it’s challenges, and we’re constantly looking to improve ours by implementing positive measures and practices to support our steps to being a climate positive company. Some of our challenges include:
  • Stress balls are made from polyurethane foam
  • Manufacturing is usually in the Far east
  • Slow production times
  • UK importing requirements means each stress ball must be individually polybagged.
  • Courier delivery required


We strive to do the best we can, through continuous evaluation of internal and external practices and as such we have identified a number of areas where we are already being as energy efficient as we feel can be. However there is always room for improvement, so we will continue to monitor and implement new eco solutions where possible.
  • All inbound packaging is either recycled or reused where possible.
  • Compostable bags are used for all individual polybagging of products.
  • Our business environment is paperless, including our CRM system, communications platform, invoicing, accounting and we haven’t printed a hard copy brochure since our incorporation in 2007!
  • We use renewable energy where possible, with low energy LED lighting installed.
  • Smart thermostats monitor, optimise and regulate the heat of our workspaces, alongside modern glazing and insulation.
  • We use energy efficient MacBook Pro’s with LED displays which contribute to reduced energy consumption
  • We use electric company vehicles, and only travel when necessary.
  • We encourage the Mantra ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ and use recycling bins for paper, plastic, and soft drink cans, rather than throwing everything out in one bin.
  • We only ship by UPS (where physically possible)- UPS has committed to 100% carbon neutrality by 2050 and owns one of the world’s largest private fleets of alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles.
We have taken this a step further too, by partnering with Ecologi
- The UKs leading all-in-one climate platform.



Our commitment to ensuring we put back more than we take, is:
  • For every 50 stress balls sold, we commit to planting one tree.
  • AND for every stress ball sold, we offset double the weight of each stress ball to carbon avoidance and/or carbon removal projects.
  • Our funding also helps support local third world communities
  • Which means you can purchase stress balls, with the understanding we are doing the absolute maximum we can to ensure a climate positive impact as a result of your order.
We plant trees with Ecologi
The live-feed widget above shows how many trees have been planted since we’ve joined Ecologi, an organisation we are very proud to be working with. It also provides a link to our ecologi page where you can see the other initiatives and projects we are involved in.


We’re proud to be working with Ecologi, and in our first six months since joining we:

  • Planted 1,693 trees across the world, including the UK
  • Supported the prevention of twenty four tonnes of CO2e, from being emitted through nine verified carbon avoidance projects.
  • Removed eight tonnes of CO2e, from the atmosphere across four projects.
  • Funded thirteen m² of habitat restoration across one project based in the UK


Transparency and trust is vital, and we have detailed below how and when we purchase trees and engage in carbon avoidance and/or carbon removal projects.
  • At the end of every calendar month we tally up all of the wonderful orders that have been placed with us
  • We divide the total number of stress balls sold in the month by 50, to ascertain the number of trees we have committed to plant. For example if we sold 20,000 stress balls in a calendar month, we would divide 20,000 by 50 (number of stress balls ordered vs trees to plant), which would mean we would commit to planting 400 trees.
  • Stress balls weigh on average around 40 grammes - allowing for packaging, we rounded the average weight of stress balls to 50grammes, and then doubled it to 100grammes. The calculation for example if we sold 20,000 stress balls in a calendar month, we would multiply by 100 (weight in grammes of products sold as described above), which would mean we would commit to funding 2 tonnes of CO2e through carbon avoidance and/or carbon removal projects.
  • We will always round up if there is a balance larger than a whole number. For example if our carbon commitment calcuation was 2.1 tonnes, we would commit to 3.0 tonnes.
This is our pledge to lead by example, and be a true climate positive business.

More information on transparency can be found by visiting our ecologi page.