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Horsebox Trailer Stress Balls

Ifor Williams Trailers

Ifor Williams Trailers are the UK's largest manufacturer of trailers under 3,500 kilograms. Their product range includes Livestock trailers, Horsebox trailers, general purpose trailers, Plant trailers and Flatbed trailers.  This page details how we produced a bespoke trailer stress ball to replicate their newly introduced contemporary HBX range of horsebox trailers.


Ifor Williams Trailers contacted us to create a stress ball in the shape of one of their new HBX Horsebox Trailers. We were supplied a brochure and some further product images to work from. Although rendered images or 3D designs are most useful, we can also work from basic design sketches, technical drawings or photos as we did for this project.


Using the supplied brochure and dimensions, a scale resin sculpture was crafted by our highly skilled master sculptors. Images of the resin sculpture were sent to the client for approval, where small detail changes were made to meet the clients requirements. The final sculpture was then signed off for the client, which meant we could then proceed to the next stage in the process.


Once the resin sculpture was approved by the client, we made one-off master tooling and all spraying masks. A handful of samples were made and photographed for approval. A small change was made to the colour of the items from white to a light grey, and then the items were approved for mass production.


With the pre-production samples approved, we began the mass production, along with the logo printing in three positions and a few weeks later the final product was received by the client. Here are a few of the final product images. We think they look great and the client does too!


Client feedback

Thank you for the delivery of our stress balls.

I know it's been difficult to get the right amount of detail as the design was very specific, however I think you’ve done a great job!

Your communication and customer service has been brilliant.

Samantha Williams
Change Management Team Ifor Williams Trailers Limited