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Bow Spring Centraliser Stress Ball

Centek Ltd

Centek specialises in the development of revolutionary bow spring centralisers for the oil and gas drilling industries.


Centek supplied us with CAD drawings of one of their centralisers and asked for a quote to produce 1000 bespoke stress centralisers. The challenge with this shape was the finished stress ball needed a hole down the centre which required it to be moulded in two halves before being glued together by hand.


Using the drawings an initial resin mould is made, photographed with dimensions for approval. Adjustments were made at this stage until the client was happy with the resin prototype.


With the resin prototype signed off, an initial sample was hand made, sprayed and logo's were applied.


With the sample signed-off and the final tooling made, the manufacturing took place. We made the shape in grey, sprayed the outer in red, and then applied transfer logo prints to the upper and lower sections. This was a highly technical stress shape to produce.


Client feedback

Generally the stress balls went down OK.

They look great from the outside!

The only negative feedback I have had is that the paint on the hole breaks up and peels off easily - in hindsight perhaps we could have had some manufactured without the hole as you suggested.

Andy Boulcott
Senior Development Engineer Centek Group