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CPT Rig Stress Balls

In Situ Site Investigation

In Situ Site Investigation is a multi-national specialist geotechnical and geo-environmental site investigation company specialising in the use of Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) techniques including seismic, shear vane, video cone, magnetometer, MiHpt & MOSTAP sampling. This page details how we produced a bespoke CPT Rig stress ball based their CPT012 (Bob) which is a 20 Tonne tracked crawler rig.



In Site Siu contacted us to create a stress ball in the shape of one of their CPT012 Bob CPT Rigs. We were supplied a technical data sheet with dimensions and some further product images to work from. The dimensions were useful for accuracy to their design.


Our highly skilled master sculptors used the supplied data sheet, dimensions, and other images to create a scale resin sculpture of the CPT Rig. Images of the resin sculpture were sent to the client for approval, which were signed off almost immediately. This meant we could swiftly proceed to the next stage in the process.


With the resin sculpture images approved by the client, it was then onto the next stage of making pre-production samples. To do this we made one off master tooling, and all spray masks along with the initial transfer prints as specified. A handful of samples were made and photographed for approval. These were deemed perfect by the client, and the stress CPT Rigs were approved for mass production.


With the CPT Rig shape approved for mass production, the bulk production tooling was made, including spray masks and printing jigs. The CPT Rig stress balls were then manufactured, individually sprayed and painted and then a two colour print logo was applied to three sides to create an ultimate scale squeezy CPT Rig stress ball!

Client feedback

Thank you for our bespoke squidgy CPT trucks – we are really pleased with them!

Excellent quality and attention to detail and we have had lots of positive feedback.

Superb customer service throughout the whole process.

Claire Dedman
Marketing Manager, In Situ Site Investigation

Bespoke CPT Rig Stress Ball