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Elbow Rest Stress Ball

BiB Opthalmic Instruments Ltd

BIB Opthalmic Instruments are suppliers of opthalmic instruments to the opticial trade.  This page details the processes involved in creating a bespoke stress elbow rest for comfortable use during all indirect lens examinations. 


BiB contacted us to create a bespoke stress elbow rest. All we needed was a sketch with some dimensions and it was over to the studio to create a visual


Using the sketch an accurate digital 3D visual was created. The visual document could be rotated, so you can see all the angles of the product, prints and dimensions so the client could be sure the mould would be correct before we went to mass production.


Once the 3D visual was approved, a rapid prototyped male mould was cast. From that prototype the master two part moulds were created. The moulds are made in two parts, then the foam coloured and injected, the two parts of the mould are placed together, the foam expands inside and then the stress ball is ready for printing! Sounds easy, but it's not quite as straight forward as that!


And the final product looks like this! A great finished stress elbow rest in pantone matched foam for lens examinations. Printed with a high quality flexible transfer print on all four sides.


Client feedback

As this was our first custom stress ball order we were a little apprehensive but... StressBallsUK were excellent.  Daniel and the team helped us through the design stage and provided a 3D visual which was spot on and we approved accordingly to move onto the next stage.  We then received a sample, which we also approved and then four or five weeks later we received our custom made stress balls in time for our event.  They went down well at the exhibition with lots of great feedback, and I'm sure we will be ordering more in the future.

Ron Wright
Director, BiB Opthalmic Instruments (Part of BiB Holdings Ltd)