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Vigor 2860 Router Stress Ball

DrayTek Corp

DrayTek are manufacturers of broadband CPE, including firewalls, VPN devices, routers and wireless LAN devices. This page is a case study about how we created a stress ball in a quarter scale of their physical product including the processes involved from concept to manufacture, and final delivery of the finished product.


DrayTek contacted us to see if we could manufacture a one quarter scale version of a new router they were about to launch called the Vigor 2860. We asked for some images of the product to see if it was possible to manufacture.


There are manufacturing constraints with stress balls, but after calculating the quarter scale dimensions, it would be possible to make this shape. The client was advised that we could produce the shape, and proceeded to order. We then created a 3D visual for the client for sign off before any tooling was created.


With the 3D visual signed off, an SLA prototype is produced. Then production tooling is created so we can mass produce the items.


The end result. A bespoke DrayTek 2860 router stress ball! The front RJ45 ports and buttons were printed using a two colour print, and the logo was printed on the top of the shape in a single silver colour.


Client feedback

From start to finish StressBallsUK did a great job.  The replication of the stress shape is very good, and the detail great - we were so pleased with them, we even decided to order our new 2862 version too!  Highly recommended and thanks for the great work!

Julian Hubble
Sales and Marketing Manager, DrayTek Corp