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Paving Machine Stress Balls

NMC Surfacing Ltd

NMC offer surfacing, civil engineering, line marking and surveying services to commercial and industrial sites and are widely renowned as the experts in car park surfacing. This page details how we manufactured a bespoke paving machine stress ball as a promotional replica of one of the machines they use for surfacing.


NMC Surfacing contacted us to produce a stress ball in the shape of a paving machine they use for surfacing roads, car parks and so on. They had a technical drawing with dimensions, and supplied a number of real life images of the product too.


Our highly skilled master sculptors used the technical drawing with dimensions and the other supplied images, to create an accurate scale resin sculpture of the paving machine. The sculpture was photographed from all relevant angles, along with measurements and was then shown to the client for approval. They were deemed perfect were approved without any changes, which is testament to how good our sculptors are.


Once the resin sculptures were approved by the client, we then made one off master tooling, spray masks and transfer prints. A handful of samples were made and photographed for approval. A small change was made to the logo by the client, and the items were approved for mass production.


With the shape approved for mass production, the bulk production tooling was made, along with spray masks and the transfer prints. The items were then manufactured, individually sprayed, the vents marked on the sides and a two colour transfer print was applied to both sides of the front of the item.


Client feedback

The paving machines have arrived this morning and look fantastic!

We are thrilled with the detail and can't wait for the team to hand these out to our customers.

Thank you for your assistance.

Matthew Mann
Marketing Manager, NMC Surfacing Ltd