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ROV Stress Ball

Perry Slingsby Systems Ltd

Perry Slingsby Systems engage in the design, manufacture, and supply of remote intervention technologies and equipment systems. This page details how we produced a bespoke remotely operated vehicle (ROV) stress ball based on the design of their Triton XLR Medium Work Class ROV.


Perry Slingsby contacted us as they wanted to create a bespoke stress ball in the shape of one of their remotely operated vehicles - known as an ROV. The design was based on the Triton XLR Medium Work Class ROV and getting the details correct was of utmost importance to the client. Using the supplied product photo's and working closely with our designers we communicated some of our designers concerns regarding moulding the arms and bars of the design and agreed on how logistically it would be possible to produce a lifelike ROV stress ball.


A 3D design visual was created showing how the end product would look. The visual showed the moulded design and also all of the detail for the printing which had been simplified for printing purposes. We managed to work together to create a design which was suitable for both stress ball manufacture and one that the client was happy with. The final design included printed details for the arms as this was the best way to show the arm detailing with the bars moulded into the design.


With the 3D visual approved the mould and prints were also approved and we produced to rapid prototype the tooling and then proceeded to bulk manufacture.


The ROV stress balls were made in a as grey pantone reference as specified by the client, the top was sprayed, and then every side was printed using a flexible transfer print which again was pantone matched to the clients specification. Perry Slingsby were thrilled with the final product which was 1:40 to scale and has all of the details that they required. They went on to re-order more of this design and also commissioned a second bespoke design.