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Customer services

A customer supplied photo, image

A customer supplied, photo, image or sometimes just an idea is enough to get us started.

A 3D Image is Produced for Approval

Upon receipt of your company artwork, our design team will input all of the details of your bespoke stress ball, including all dimensions. A 3D-CAM design is then produced, and images are output for your approval.

Resin Moulds Produced

Now that the male master mould has been made, the mould would be returned to the factory, and finished to remove any excess. Now silicone female moulds would be produced so that the polyurethane can be injected to mould your stress ball.

Moulds are Inspected

The female moulds would go through a manual inspection to ensure the exact reproduction of your stress item. This is all part of the on-going high level of quality checking procedures we go through, to make certain you as the customer are 100% satisfied with the end result.