How our stress balls are made

Below is a simple step-by-step insight as to how a bespoke stress ball is made. To enquire
about how we can manufacture a bespoke stress ball to your requirements contact us and
one of our representatives will be more than happy to assist.


A customer supplied photo, image
A customer supplied, photo, image or sometimes just an idea is enough to get us started.
A 3D Image is Produced for Approval

Upon receipt of your company artwork, our design team will input all of the details of your bespoke stress ball, including all dimensions.  A 3D-CAM design is then produced, and images are output for your approval.

Resin Moulds Produced

Now that the male master mould has been made, the mould would be returned to the factory, and finished to remove any excess.  Now silicone female moulds would be produced so that the polyurethane can be injected to mould your stress ball.


Moulds are Inspected

The female moulds would go through a manual inspection to ensure the exact reproduction of your stress item.  This is all part of the on-going high level of quality checking procedures we go through, to make certain you as the customer are 100% satisfied with the end result.


Production takes place 
Stress Balls are Ready for Trimming
Printing Pantone Chart

Here at Stress Balls UK our range of colours is almost limitless. Our Stress balls, and our Flexitran transfers can all be Pantone matched to suit all your colour requirements. Flexitran transfers stretch with the product, so they last as long as the product, which is a very long time!

Screen Printer

Using the most modern and up to date equipment, we are able to manufacture our prints at a greatly reduced cost, yet still keeping the high quality that all of our customers demand and deserve. We have two methods of manufacturing our transfers: 4 colour process printing and spot printing. Each has their own merits depending on your requirements. Spot printing for large blocks of colour and 4 colour process printing which is ideal for fine intricate designs, more detail below.


4 Colour Process

The 4 colours used in this method are Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. These all combine to produce millions of combinations of colours and are layered onto the transfer paper one at a time. This method allows us to produce intricate and detailed designs such as the one pictured right, and is also ideal for fine text. The number of colours used for both methods is also limitless.


Spot Printing

If your print is less intricate and requires large blocks of colour, then this method would be used. We mix the colour beforehand instead of the process method. This makes it easier to get a greater match to your chosen colour and is more useful for difficult colours such as gold and silver.


Finished Stress Ball

And here is the end result.  A bespoke stress ball which has been replicated 100% as per the customers' requirements, including pantone matching, transfer printing, and environmentally friendly packaging.

And the customer said?:
"Our requirement for a bespoke stress toy was very specific in terms of matching the shape, colour and size of our product.
Stress Balls UK handled the job with ease, quickly creating visuals from just two photographs and the finished item is a dead ringer for the real product.
They delivered a difficult job on time and within budget and we will be using them again."


To enquire about how we can manufacture a bespoke stress ball to your requirements contact us and one of our representatives will be more than happy to assist